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36 Hours in Lisbon – New York Times
Fabulous article about what to do and where to eat.
(click link to read more)
Dec 2008,

Fashion and Shopping in Lisbon
Fashion, product design, stores and architecture… Where to go and why.
(click link for lengthy article)
Sept 2006, enroute magazine

48 Hours in Lisbon
Fun ideas from the UK’s “The Independent” Online Edition (click link to read more)
March 2007

Condé Naste: Lisbon Lights Up
Worth reading… tips for exploring the city, as well as restaurant and shopping recommendations. 
(click to read more)
Jan 2006,

DailyCandy: 4 days in Lisbon
“Really now. You’re running out of excuses not to get to Lisbon. It’s young, vibrant, booming — and just the right size for a four-day getaway…” (click link to read more)
Jan 2006

Lisbon Lauded by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Travel Guide has described Lisbon as “Iberia’s seductive mermaid”, considering Portugal’s capital city a “gourmet paradise” where “antiquity and charm are always met by a youthful party spirit”. (click link to read more)
Oct 25, 2008

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