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Lisbon is a popular conference destination and many of our guests are involved in conference activities, either as attendees or presenters.

Where are the main Conference Centers in Lisbon?

The two most popular Lisbon conference centers are both located near the Tejo River, as you can see on the Google map, below. The Lisbon Congress Centre (Centro de Congressos de Lisboa) is on the western side of town, in Belém. The FIL Exhibition Center (FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa) on the eastern end of the city, in the Park of the Nations/Expo area.

Several universities also host conferences, especially the University of Lisbon (UL) and the New University of Lisbon (UNL).

And where are our houses?

Our corporate apartments are right in the center of Lisbon–marked by the sun in the middle of the map. They are close to the main tourist attractions and an easy metro (or taxi, or tram, as you prefer) ride from any of the conference centers.

Interactive Google Map of Lisbon’s conference centers:

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For more information on these conference centers, please visit:

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FIL Exhibition Center (Park of the Nations)
FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa

Atlantic Pavilion (Park of the Nations)
Pavilhão Atlântico

Lisbon Congress Centre (Belém)
Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

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Belém Cultural Center
Centro Cultural de Belém

University of Lisbon
Universidade de Lisboa

New University of Lisbon
Universidade Nova de Lisboa


How do I get to the conference center from a VisitingPortugal corporate apartment?

Our corporate apartments are only 15-20 minutes from all the main conference centers.

At check-in we’ll help with specific details and show you the closest taxi stand, metro or tram stop. With advance notice, we can also purchase rechargable VivaViagem passes for Lisbon’s buses, metros and trams. If you prefer taxis, a 24 hour taxi stand is 3-8 minutes walk from each of our holiday apartments.

Lisbon Conference Centers – Transportation from your Historical Holiday Home

Lisbon Congress Center (Centro de Congressos)
#15 tram (approx 15 min) or taxi (approx €9, 15 min)

Belém Cultural Center (Centro Cultural de Belém)
Located just beyond the Lisbon Congress Center; #15 tram (approx 20 min) or taxi (approx €10, 20 min)

FIL Exhibition Center (Feira Internacional de Lisboa)
Metro (green–>red lines, approx 20 min) or taxi (approx €10, 20 min)

Atlantic Pavilion (Pavilão Atlântio)
Located next to FIL; Metro (green–>red lines, approx 20 min) or taxi (approx €10, 20 min)

University of Lisbon
NOTE: UL has several campuses but the main one is the “University City” (Cidade Universitária)
Metro (blue/yellow lines, approx 20 min) or taxi (approx €9, 15 min)

New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – UNL)
NOTE: UNL has several campuses but the most common for conferences is the “Campus of Campolide”, located near the popular El Corte Ingles department store.
Metro (blue line, approx 10 min) or taxi (approx €9, 15 min)

If you are attending a conference at a different location, please ask us if you have questions about transportation.


What amenities do we offer for conference-goers?

These amenities are the ones that may be most important for guests attending conferences in Lisbon. For a more complete list of amenities (linens, fully equipped kitchen, etc.) and services (orientation tour, pre-arrival shopping, and so on) offered at all of our properties, please see our Amenities page.


Our wireless internet is fast and reliable.

Loaner electronics

We can provide you with a cell phone, laptop/netbook… even a printer!

Orientation Tour

While out on our orientation tour, we’ll show you where to catch the metro/tram/taxi to your conference center.

Pre-arrival shopping

If you have to go straight to your conference after arrival, we can stock the house with whatever groceries you need. We can also purchase your VivaViagem passes for public transportation.


We want your time in Lisbon to be both fun and successful. Is there something you need in order to make that happen? Just ask.

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