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Lisbon Cooking Classes - Culinary Tours in Lisbon, Portugal

3 Bedroom
Luxury Lisbon Townhome
180º views over Lisbon
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 210€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Game room & Terrace
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 140€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Private Garden Terrace
(sleeps 2-5)
Lisbon Vacation Home
no longer available
1 Bedroom
Lisbon View Apartment
Views over Rossio
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
from 95€/nite
1 Bedroom
Lisbon Apartment
Private Entrance
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
no longer available


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Based on word of mouth from a prior student, the Queen and Prince of Denmark wanted Diogo to make them his "Arroz de Marisco" during their September 2008 visit to Cascais. Unfortunately, Diogo was out of the country and we have no royal testimonial... but we were obviously thrilled with the request. Congratulations, Diogo! -debk

lisbon cooking classes What a fabulous birthday present. The arroz de marisco was absolutely incredible. Cooking is my passion, but I've never made anything like it before. I couldn't wait to return home and make it for my dinner club!

The cooking class was wonderful... we enjoyed the trip to the market and grocery stores.
-Tony and Fran

Lisbon In-Home Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes and "Chef Diogo Varela" highlighted in Portugal's weekly news magazine.

Watch Diogo whip up Stuffed Sardines on Portuguese TV,
while talking about VisitingPortugal's Private Fado Tours & In-Home Cooking Classes: Click to view video

"What better way to learn about a country than through its food and flavours,
choosing vegetables at the markets, sharing stories over a bubbling pot."

Discover the secrets of Portuguese food, under the guidance of your friendly Portuguese neighbor . . .

  • Start with a morning visit to Lisbon's bustling Mercado da Ribeira for the day's freshest offerings of fish, meat and fruit.
  • Learn about what you are purchasing, and why.
  • Head for the local gourmet market to select your wines, cheeses, breads and desserts.
  • Later that afternoon, work with your neighbor/tutor/chef to prepare your chosen menu:
    * Portuguese cheeses, olives, wines
    * 1-2 appetizers
    * Main dish
    * Dessert of fresh fruit or purchased Portuguese pastries
  • Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labour!
  • Interested in this special "cultural immersion" experience?
    Review the menus and pricing, below, and then email us for scheduling:
    (Tues-Saturday recommended; Market closed on Sundays and Mondays)

    Or call
    +351 91-346-4517

    NOTE: These classes are offered at our fully-equipped holiday rental apartments.
    For information about classes in other locations, please see

    Due to kitchen space requirements, this class is not available at Casa Travessa.

    Sample Menus

    Appetizers/Entradas: choose 1 or 2
    Sapateira Portuguesa (king crab, Portuguese style)
    Amijoas Bulho Pato (clams)
    Camares Guilho (fried shrimp)
    Percebes (barnacles, very Portuguese!)
    Cogumelos com Espargos Salteados (mushrooms & asparagus)
    Couve Mineira (Portuguese cabbage with chourio/pork sausage)
    Ovos de Codorniz com Alheira (quail eggs with rice and non-pork sausage)
    Morcela de Arroz Assada (pork with baked rice)

    Main Dish: choose 1
    Favas Portuguesa (fava beans with ribs)
    Borrego com Po Frito (lamb with fried bread)
    Migas de Amijoas com Lombo de Porco Preto
    (bread soup with clams, accompanying Iberian black pork)
    Aorda de Tomate com Jaquinzinhos Fritos
    (bread soup with tomato and little fried fishes)
    Massada de Cherne (turbot/fish pasta)
    Sopa Rica de Peixe (fish stew)
    Arroz de Lingueiro com Ovas Fritas (rice with razor clams and fried roe)
    Bacalhau (salted codfish; 1000+ recipes)

    1. Instructor Fee includes the guided morning shop trips and cooking instruction/preparation.
    2. Ingredients, wine, etc., to be paid by guests during shopping trip.
    3. "Participants" are those involved in the shopping and cooking; "Diners" are those involved in the eating!
    4. Instructor Fee: 300 for up to three (3) kitchen participants and a total of six (6) diners

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